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United Volleyball Club Rules and Policies:

Program Code of Conduct

This program will try to achieve the highest level of good sportsmanship through competitive practices and competition. Upon selection to a team each participant and their parent(s) will read and sign a Player Commitment Form. Legal violations will result in the immediate dismissal of a player from the Club. No refunds of any kind will be given to a player dismissed from the Club due to inappropriate behavior or quitting. Our "Code of Conduct" states that any players associated with the program will not use alcohol, tobacco, vaping products or drugs. Any use or suspected use may result in termination. All players will conduct themselves in a respectful manner with appropriate language and behavior. This also includes any outward display of disgust and anger. Missing practices or being late to practice will also result in a player being disciplined and possibly removed from the program. We will play with intensity and heart, but we will do it with dignity and pride.e

Parental Involvement:

Our program is founded upon strong parental support. Parents must take pride in their player and to the team in which their daughter plays on. The juniors program relies on parents to help with the transporting of the player to tournaments. The program also hopes that the parent(s) will hold Club as the same priority that we expect from the players, which is to make sure they attend every team event, practice, and competition. Most players are only as committed as the parents who support them. We openly and actively encourage parents to take an active role in their athlete's Club experience. Each year the Club will assign a "Team Mom" to each team to help out with team "stuff", a $100 scholarship to help offset a player's base fees.


Chain of Command Policy:

The Club's expectation is that everyone within United will follow the established chain of command.  All players and parents with concerns or issues must first contact their respective coach.  If a coach cannot adequately handle the situation, the coach will contact the Director and ask for assistance.  If a parent or player first contacts the Director, he will only act as a sounding board and will not take any actions until the coach is contacted.  At no time is any person within the organization to contact a board member without first contacting the Director.  Anyone not adhering to the chain of command may be dismissed from the club.


Code of Conduct Policy: Basic Principle

Our goal is to establish a respected program within the Rocky Mountain Region of the USA Volleyball.  We will accomplish this by setting goals to obtain, taking pride in our program, and we will do it with dignity and self control.  The basic rule of this program is not to do anything that would embarrass the program, your coaches or yourself.  If you use this basic guideline prior to your actions, we believe you will make the correct choices.


General Appearance

While United recognizes the importance of the individual, volleyball is a team sport. Players need to present themselves as not to attract exceptional attention to themselves or become a distraction to the "team concept."


Team Rules

1. The team comes first.  There is no "I" in team. 
2. Any involvement or suspected involvement with alcohol, tobacco, or any other illegal substance is grounds for immediate dismissal from the program. 
3. Any outward display of anger and/or frustration by a player will not be tolerated.  We cannot afford to lose our emotional composure during competition; therefore, it will not be tolerated at any time a player is with the team. 
4. Any behavior by a player that puts the program, coaches or other players at risk is strictly prohibited and is grounds for immediate dismissal from the program, no exceptions.


Practice Rules

1. Practices are mandatory. You must notify your coach prior to practice if you cannot attend.  Some family activities may be excused, but must be cleared in advance by the Director.  Failure to make practices or team activities will affect your potential playing time at the next tournament.  Remember that we must all have the same commitment to the team. 
2. Practices will start on time, so be early.  All players should arrive at least twenty minutes early to help put up equipment. Repeat offenders will not be allowed to travel to tournaments. 
3. Since our gym time is valuable, all players will come ready to practice. When we are in the gym you must have a single focus: VOLLEYBALL. 
4. No one will leave the gym at anytime during or after practice without your coach's approval.  Failure to comply will result in a one-tournament suspension.  Coaches must know where players are at all times. 
5. We will always leave the gym in the same condition we found it.  

Competition Rules

1. You are responsible for knowing when and where you are to be at all times.
2. Players are not permitted to drive to any out of town functions unless their parent(s) are in the vehicle.   
3. All players must obey any and all facility rules at all times.  Remember that we are guests at these places. 
4. Only the floor captain or the coach is allowed to talk with the officials.  Keep your comments to yourself. 
5. All players on the bench must stay warm and mentally prepared to enter the game at any time in any position.  Failure to be ready may cause an immediate substitution. 
6. The teams will leave for tournaments, sites, meals, etc. on time.  Do not be late or you will be left behind! 
7. Your team will stay together at all times.  If you are not with the team, you are probably in the wrong place.  Only the coach may give a player permission to go with a parent and only a parent. 
8. Everyone is responsible for the balls we have.  It is everyone's responsibility to keep track of our equipment.  Remember lost balls means more cost to everyone. 
9. You will be responsible to help with officiating, scoring, line judging, etc.  You need to know when and where the team will be helping with these duties.  We must be early when responsible for the officiating or the team can be fined or penalized. 
10. We will try to support our other United Club teams whenever possible.  Remember that we are a program that takes pride in each other as well as ourselves. 
11. Failure to comply with competition rules can result in being dismissed from United. Leaving practice or an event early without express permission of the Director, in writing, is considered "quitting". The Competition Rules, as stated, should not be taken lightly.

Remember that you are paying to practice.... you EARN playing time.

Absence Policy:

The intent of this policy is to not "punish" a player for missing a practice or game, but to favor those players who put in the time and commitment required by the Club. Special circumstances and exceptions may be reviewed and approved in advance by the Director, otherwise the following chart will be used by all coaches at all levels.  Excused absences include illness and family emergencies.  All other absences are considered unexcused without advanced approval from the Director. Each player may miss one practice during Christmas break for any reason without penalty in relation to this policy. 

Infraction Excused Practice Unexcused practice Excused Match/Tourney Unexcused Match/Tourney
First None Two Games None One Match
Second One Game One Match One Match Two Matches
Third One Game Two Matches One Match One Tournament


Driving Policy:

No player who plays United VBC may drive to any club function outside of the Western Colorado area unless at least one biological parent or legal guardian is in the vehicle.  No player may leave a United VBC function with anyone except a parent or guardian. A parent may grant permission in writing for a player to leave a function with another family member who is over the age of 21 years old.  If a player violates this policy they may be immediately dismissed from the program. We take your child's safety VERY SERIOUSLY.     

Late Payment Policy:

A player is not permitted to practice or compete until their account is brought current, unless other agreements have been made with the Director. If an account is not paid by June 1st that club season, the account will be forwarded to a collection agency. All fees from the collection agency will be paid by the player/player family.  

Any account unpaid by Sept 1, disqualifies that player/player's family from the club for the following season.  

USAV/RMR Policy: No player who has a delinquent account is eligible to play for ANY CLUB in the USAV the following season.


Parental Policy:

It is an expectation of the Club that our parents set an example for all players.  Parents are expected to show support of the program, its leaders, and the coaches at all times.  If a parent sets an example or demonstrates behavior that is unacceptable, inappropriate or contrary to the standards of the Club, a player may be removed from the program without any refund of fees or payments.  

Quitting Policy:

Any player who has been "selected to a team" and then quits for ANY reason is not eligible to participate for a year and one day from the day of quitting.  A player is considered "selected to a team" once they have participated in tryouts and is named to a team on the website or Facebook.

If a player goes through tryouts and is named to a team, and then quits for ANY reason, they forfeit their deposit from Tryouts. Any player leaving an event early or during the event without the express permission of the Director, in writing, is considering quitting.

Any player "quitting" for ANY reason, still owes the remainder of their tuition and fees. Also, any scholarship money that was made available for a player will be forfeited if a player quits, and the remaining tuition is due in full. If that player's fees have not been paid by the end of that club season, it will be turned over to a collection agency or in small claims court. All fees & charges from the collection agency will be paid by the player/player family.

Note: Beach and Indoors are considered two separate things even though they are both within United, so for example, if you quit indoors, you can still play Beach and vice versus. USA Volleyball considers them separate, so do we.


Team Selection Process:

A basic principle of United VBC is to create volleyball players... someone who has the basic skills to play any position at any time and play the game. We realize that players have strengths and weaknesses, but a volleyball player understands, and can play the complete game, not just a position.  



Players are responsible for their transportation to and from out of town tournaments. Players may travel with their parents or someone over 21 years old with the parent's permission.  Players are not allowed to drive alone to away tournaments, no exceptions. The Club is not responsible or liable for players during travel to or from tournaments.


Hotel Rooms:

The Club provides hotel rooms for the players at all tournaments and the players are required to stay with their teammates in the hotel room assigned by the Director. Players are responsible to attend any and all team meetings, meals and functions at tournaments.  Travel exceptions can be made by prior approval with the Club's Director only.